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Top Five AMP email templates for lead generation

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Email marketers rely on lead generation emails to get the best clients from the market. These emails can make a world of difference to your business. New players in a domain get caught up in promoting their products more than exploring their leads. It is highly crucial to find and use effective lead-generating techniques. 

We will also like to get AMP features of email in focus for you. AMP emails contain app-like features in the email itself. We will discuss the most innovative features it provides further on. Lead generating emails are cost-effective and when used correctly, an excellent method to get dedicated customers. The combination of AMP email and these top 5 templates can change your email marketing game completely.

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Let’s jump onto the top five lead-generating templates that can elevate your enterprise to new heights.

What are lead generation emails?

Before we move to lead generation email, let’s look into email leads. A lead is a potential customer that you collect by the utilization of an opt-in form. They are the people who have willingly given you their personal information in return for some valuable offer. Lead generation emails are used to obtain these leads. It all comes down to collecting data on potential clients, such as their names, email addresses, preferences, etc. 

While lead generation has moved online due to convenience and cost-effectiveness, a physical reference to this could be a salesman taking your information in shopping malls in return for lucrative deals. Brands might foster these leads to not only convert them into customers but also encourage them to engage with your enterprise in various ways, such as signing up for an email subscription or following you on social networking sites.

When it comes to email marketing, the most valuable resource is your email list. Lead generation emails are specific emails that help you get important information about prospects’ interests. When used right, they help with expanding your list, for you to easily run campaigns with a high return on investment.

Lead generation emails with AMP email

There are different strategies you need to keep in mind while composing a lead generation email.

You might need to send these emails to strike a conversation with a person interested in a product or services similar to your niche. In that case, these emails have to be crafted to hit the right chords with them to metamorphose their curiosity into a purchase. You might desire to send your lead generation email to companies for promotion or to seek partnership. In that case, the email needs to focus on their advantage and interests for them to see the worth of giving their time to your idea. Now that we are clear with the need to craft each lead generation email depending on the receiver. 

Think about what comprises a good lead-generating email? Many factors like eye-catching appearance, interesting cover line, valuable content, etc. HTML emails i.e. the usual emails we use, might be very popular to get the basic thing done which is send and receive emails. But if you do not upgrade with technology, someone else will!

The next big thing in the market for email marketing is AMP emails.AMP for email is a framework for creating interactive emails that use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also creates lightweight emails, which allows for a faster loading time. You can make your information more dynamic by retrieving real-time content from gateways and adding a carousel. This technique enables an email message to have an app-like appearance. 

For instance, if you wish to send a survey form in your email, usually you would send a link to your receipts of the application like google forms. 

But with AMP emails you can directly add the survey in the email which they can read, select and submit all without having to locomote from their inbox. This prevents the subscribers from having to click on several links to reach your website to take an action. In the next segment, we will explain how using AMP email will level up your lead generation email strategy.

AMP email features

Let’s go through many compelling AMP email features that will charm you to try it. Along with having excellent benefits over primitive HTML email, AMP has proven to have 3 times more conversion rate. No one can stop you from getting high-volume leads by the use of these features along with good content. It will be considered a risky trade to not give AMP emails a try mainly because of the following.

Dynamic update

Your enterprise is updating and so should your email marketing campaigns keep changing. While using HTML emails you have to send out new emails repeatedly regarding updates. This can especially be seen on eCommerce websites. The stocks, new designs, offers, and discounts, etc are getting updated almost very quickly.

AMP email contains dynamic features such as auto-time updates. This will make sure that all your emails get updated in real-time. Therefore whenever a lead opens the email, they get the latest information. 

It can be applied to scheduling meetings. You might need to update time, location, etc. AMP makes conducting and attending meetings, webinars, etc. free of confusion as the update visible in the email is the newest one. 

Increased engagement

Some businesses have already included AMP in their campaigns to announce new features. Pinterest users can add pins to their boards right from their inboxes. They are not required to open a new tab to surf Pinterest. When people realize they do not have to rubberband between many websites to get a job done, they will be ready to invest in your emails.

AMP emails have interactive and dynamic features like booking of meetings, registration for an event, fill-up of feedback forms, etc. in the mail itself. Razorpay collected user feedback via monthly email outreach and observed a 275% increase in conversions. These make people respond to the email without having to rubberband from links to links.

Spam check

To be able to send AMP emails the providers have to be whitelisted from Google’s end. The domain has to be verified using DNS, SPF, etc. This is beneficial to the sender as well as the receiver. The receiver can be thoroughly sure that the email they are receiving is from a secure account. The sender can relax knowing that their hardworking email is not sitting in the spam folder and reaching the desired audience. 

AMP emails are also free from ads and any third-party intervention. These factors contribute to increased deliverability and safety for receivers. When a business uses AMP for its website, the load time is significantly reduced. This brings us to the next point.

SEO and analytics

Google uses customer satisfaction and website load time as ranking criteria in their SERP listings. AMP emails help with both the factors hence getting your ranking higher. When the load time is reduced by as little as a few seconds, it improves your SEO ranking significantly. This in turn gives high customer satisfaction. Hence meeting both criteria.

A core point of the AMP program is to reduce website redundancy to increase speed by trimming HTML tags. This makes analyzing the success of the campaign simple and easy.

Customer experience

60% of email receivers said they would be more likely to connect with an interactive email. The overall app-like experience achieved within the email itself is the main attraction of AMP emails.

The primary goal is to reduce the number of steps and clicks a user must take to do a specific task, making the system more efficient for both customers and enterprises. Businesses will benefit from a reduction in the number of emails required to be delivered to execute an operation or transaction.

Now that we know AMP is a game-changer for lead generation, let’s see the top five types of lead generation emails that can be enhanced with AMP features.

Five Best Lead Generation Interactive Emails

People will be willing to give their information to you only if they see their profit in it. AMP emails make your job of first impression brilliant but you need to touch the right tones with the clients. The following types of emails are the most suitable methods for it.

Webinar registration 

You should conduct webinars to get the audience aware of your content. Even though the content of most registration invitation emails may appear to be repetitive, the manner you structure and convey it to your readers affects how well it will be received. This also helps to grow your email list with people who are genuinely interested in your niche. You can add the registration form which can be filled and submitted right in your mail itself with the use of AMP emails.

image 21

Product demo booking

Another way for lead generation is booking meetings with your customers. The process of meeting booking requires information to contact the person. The major advantage of meeting request emails is these emails are simpler to keep a record of, because both sides can easily mark the date and time to their schedules or save the email for later use. AMP emails have inbuilt integration of meeting booking apps like Calendly which makes it easy to book and update meeting details. 

image 22

Customer registration

This can also be referred to as user onboarding. When a customer is curious about learning to use your product or service they can register for the product. You can also schedule a meeting to explain to the user your platform or such emails can be triggered by support requests on your website from users. When someone is asking about a tutorial about a product or service, it is a sure shot indication that they are good leads. This kind of lead has the potential to become a loyal customer, hence you should engage with them.

image 23

Travel booking

Another popular way to generate leads is when a customer has to make a travel booking. It becomes necessary for the customer to share contact information with the agency. You can boost reservation rates by delivering follow-up email communications to warm leads (those who are considering booking a hotel or tour). Many types of forms starting from gathering information to giving feedback can be done in the mail with AMP emails.

image 24

Course registration

High-quality and in-demand courses can be used to generate leads. Not only students and almost everyone wants to keep learning new skills and will readily give their information in return for it.

It takes a coder to design AMP email but no-code AMP email providers like Mailmodo can help increase your lead by 3 times. Here there are inbuilt templates of the above-mentioned type and many more. Each segment in the template can be customized and made from scratch using an easy drag and drop editor.

image 25


Generating leads via email is still considered the backbone of marketing. When you have the required information about people, you can send them appropriate promotional emails. Using AMP emails for lead generation yields greater results than traditional emails and can be relied on extensively. Having dynamic and engaging information right inside emails, as well as the option to enter feedback without exiting your inbox, AMP will revolutionize the way you communicate with your consumers.

Hence, use the aforesaid types of lead generation emails to grow your customer base. Improving lead generation comprises raising brand recognition and enthusiasm in your products or services, as well as nurturing interested prospects through the marketing journey and into your buying circle. Lead generation techniques, when done correctly, build solid relationships with suitable consumers who are willing to invest in your company for a prolonged-term. Send emails that converse with your receivers and build genuine connections.

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