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What Digital Monk does for your Business

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Get More Targeted Traffic

Online Traffic tends to be the most critical ingredient for business Success. It aligns all the performance objectives and goals of the business. 

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Generate High Quality Leads

Our strategies identify and guide the visitors towards making the right choices regarding Lead Gen, thus increase Customer lifetime value.

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Increase Conversion Rate

Our marketing funnels ensures that the website visitor is not distracted by other things that can deter them from reaching the destination. Thus increasing Conversions

Why Choose Us

We are a Performance based marketing company, We work towards your business goals. That is achieved by having plenty of well-researched buyers persona that identify the potential audience intending to buy your products and services.

We will optimize every stage of the funnel that increases the conversion rate.

By creating the right combination of Lead magnets. the page is optimized into a lead generation machine. The visitors will have a enjoyable experience that attracts new leads. 

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Our Optimization Process

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We start with understand the audience target, which helps create optimized the lead gen funnel, that work towards the clients’ full expectations.

We focus on creating landing pages for the client. The strategy is designed to convert the desired visitors into real clients of the business. The page has all the benefit-focused description with aggregate information about the product and services. These are integrated into the marketing communication strategy.

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We intend to create high converting sales copy to generate more leads to our client website. These contents may vary from e-books, whitepapers, presentations, case studies, buyer’s guides, drip e-mail campaigns, webinars, etc. These content helps the business to boost its sales while attracting more clients.

On the other hand, the process can be accelerated by optimizing data from web analytics. An opportunity is created by analytics that helps the company reach its maximum sales potential, thus ensuring that the target goal is achieved. We usually do this by identifying the channels and contents where we can derive more leads to the website.

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The visitors are redirected to the right content that meets their expectations, thus increasing the number of leads. These tactic personalize the marketing formula, luring the client towards the target without much effort and resources.

Things that keep customers to your business.

The only thing that can keep customers attracted to your products online is the value. Our focus is to help you determine the best value proposition for the target audience that will keep them interested in your products and services. 

After attracting the prospect’s attention, we will spark their interest and promote your lead magnet to Generate new leads . We will implement a content strategy that will attract the friends of the current client, thus increasing the market potential.

The strategy delivered by the Digital Monk marketing team will keep the leads engaged and motivated to make more purchases. The content will measure the level of marketing success and adapt to buyers’ interests. 

Our Services

We are interested in helping our clients to achieve their goals by creating Digital marketing strategies.

Web Design

We design websites that converts visitors into Leads and Sales


If your website or funnels are not converting, it usually your copy that is not optimized.

Lead Generation

We help generate more qualified leads/ prospects to your services so you can grow the business steadily.

Facebook Ads

We Setup high converting Fb & Instagram ads that make your Brand go viral.

Google Ads

We setup Profitable Google Ads campaigns which decreases the cost of customer acquition.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We help increase customer acquition without increasing traffic.

Our Partners

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"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

I being Doctor ( Psychiatrist) had nil knowledge about digital marketing and also not being tech savy, this field was very new, As my plans was to start up my own clinic (which is a brain child) got enrolled into this course and it has helped me in creating own website, managing social media marketing, PPC,SEO. Now I write blogs, Free lancing in content writing ,Creating couple of websites for Doctors. “ There is no end for learning “Thank you Kishore sir, for making this happen and teaching everything in simplified way with lots of patience. Everyone cannot be a good mentor or acquire teaching skills but, you have build confidence in me,
dr pavana
Dr. Pavana

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We do end to end services, from Web design, Social media marketing, SEO , Email marketing, Lead Generation, Online Ads. Helping our Clients achieve business goals.

We are a outcome based, we work towards results. Thus eliminating unnecessary marketing expenses. 

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