How to Enroll in an MBA Degree program?

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For an Aspiring MBA candidate, it is difficult to choose the right college, especially when there are more than 3000 Business Schools currently registered in India, as per the 2018 survey conducted by Times Institute.

So,  to solve your dilemma. it is the only place to find Top MBA colleges in India. Be it New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, or film city Mumbai, all the premier Business and Management Institutes in these metropolitans are covered.

One can rely on this post to get brief and relevant data on top business schools of India.

While choosing a college, one needs to fact-check the courses offered, the admission criteria, the duration and type of courses, and most important of all, the work placement offered after completion of the courses.

All of this information is made readily available for candidates to check, compare and then decide what’s best for them. The website address the concerns of parents looking for a suitable institute for their wards.

This article covers all the colleges and institutes from each city, granting you the best choices for management studies with complete details regarding the admission and eligibility criteria, so that candidates can make the right decision.

Information about the recruiters as well the work placements is also present, to help candidates the varying placement trends for institutes every year and opt for the one that suits them best. 

Selecting the right educational institution, being one of the most important decisions in one’s life and hence should not go wrong. With an attractive interface and reliable content, Hope this article aspires to build an educational hub to help potential management candidates reach their dream college.

The platform has been set up to fulfill the motive of empowering the students, to increase their knowledge and make better decisions while choosing their career.

Getting into a Business School can be a bit of a challenge. The MBA application process is resourceful, difficult, and time-consuming.

So if you want to enroll in an MBA Degree program, get ready for an intense, but well-worth admission process.

According to the majority of Business Officials, academic performance is not the only criteria they are looking for when they are interviewing candidates.

Applying for a master’s education program is a big step in both your academic and personal life. Hence, the candidate needs to be 100% sure about the decision as it is going to make/break one’s career.

So here are a few essential tips when applying for a Master’s in Business Administration Degree Program:

Choosing the Right Degree Course

When applying for an MBA program, a candidate has many choices to choose from. This is because most of the universities and institutes provide various categories of courses like correspondence, online medium, classroom teaching course, etc. 

The candidates are best advised to choose an onsite course so as to fully experience the working/learning environment and discover new cultures to expand their professional network. 

Fill in online Application Form

Once the candidate has decided which college he/she wants to get admitted to, visit the official website of the university/institute and read carefully the instructions regarding the admission procedure.

Most of the institutes have the facility of online registration. Students can place their application details in the provided form fields, fill in the necessary course choices, and pay the application fee if applicable.

After the deadline of application has ended, the officials examine the applications and the shortlisted candidates are then required to visit the campus for further processes.

Collect important documents

Once shortlisted, candidates are required to visit the campus and get their documents verified. These documents mostly include:

  • Graduation Certificate and Marksheet
  • Class 10 and 12 Marksheets and Certificates
  • A copy of the filled Online Registration Form
  • Letter of Recommendations if any
  • The document containing choices of electives in the course
  • Valid Government ID 

The candidate should carry these documents with them at the time of registration. The list may vary depending upon the criteria and norms laid down by respective institutes.

Entrance Exam Scores

The majority of Business Schools in India give admission to candidates based upon their scores in nation-wide entrance exams. Some of these common exams are GMAT/GRE/CAT/CMAT/XAT, etc.

The university may/may not have their own entrance examinations. The candidates must prepare well for these exams, as they are the major contributing factor in their admission process.

For instance, for getting into some of the topmost  IIM’s of the country(IIM Bangalore,  IIM Ahmedabad, etc.) the minimum percentile required in GMAT/GRE is 99. 

With the increase in the number of students sitting for these exams every year and growing competition for acquiring management education, candidates need to work hard and perform exceptionally well in these entrance examinations.

Preparing a Professional looking Resume

Apart from the entrance exams, a candidate must have an attractive and professional-looking Resume.

Strong professional experience clearly indicates that the candidate is industrially sound and has been pushed into working environments and genuinely wants to learn more. 

Your CV should be crisp, clear, and should highlight your key skills, academic and professional achievements, and most importantly, the work experiences and learnings from past jobs. A better CV gives you an edge over other deserving candidates.

Letter of Recommendation from Professionals

Endorsements and Testimonials from already established professionals give you an edge and increases the credibility of your MBA application.

At the same time, this is the perfect opportunity, where you can highlight your skills and experiences under the mentor who has recommended you to take a management course.

This creates a positive impression on the judging officials and presents you as a professional and working candidate, which is the need of Business Schools.

Good English and Communication Skills

You have great scores in the exams and your Resume is crisp and displays you as an industry professional. But so does the resume of 50 other candidates as well who are sitting along with you, waiting for an interview.

What highlights you among all? Your soft skills. The way you present yourself, the way you communicate your idea to the panel, will decide whether you will get admission or not.

It is noted that about 47% of candidates have extremely good grades and work experiences, but they still are not able to get admission in some of the prestigious Business Schools of India.

It is because they are lacking healthy communication skills. Test yourself. See if you have the necessary skills. If you are lacking somewhere, don’t hesitate at all to grab a Presentation Skills course to enhance your confidence level.

Prepare for Admission Interview

The last hurdle between you and your dream college is the Admission interview. While giving the interview, candidates are advised to be patient and clearly listen to what the panel questions and then answer.

Most candidates get nervous under pressure and lose the chance of getting selected. The key is to concentrate and just ace the interview with your Communication and confidence.

The panel is looking for a candidate who does not break under pressure and can handle critical situations in the development stages of an organization.


Be it an interview or preparation for the entrance examination, getting admission in a reputed Business School is a time consuming and intense process. But the fruits of the result are sweet.

The selected candidates, get to experience one of the best working and learning environments that fully prepare them for industry and gives a much-needed boost in the career, both economically and socially.

The professionals with an MBA degree are more likely to get higher positions in an organization. According to the a survey conducted by Times Now in 2018, candidates with a Management degree achieve a 40% more salary hike than the ones with regular graduate program experience. The process of working never stops.

The higher the post, the more the responsibilities and better the standards

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