Reelax is the new theatre in your house. It is an idea that is going to revolutionize the way movies are going to be watched the world over. What better way to enjoy your favorite movie than in the comforts of your own house, in the company of your near and dear ones? New releases, on the day of its release in theatres will now be available for you at reelax in HD quality. Today, when time drives all decisions, the question is, do you have the time to fit your busy schedule to the show timings of a theatre near you? Don’t you end up missing a movie you always wanted to watch because you didn’t have the time to watch it? Reelax is your ultimate solution. is an initiative of the Eram Group, a leading business conglomerate with well entrenched business presence across the continents. Ever since 1985, when the group started its operations, ERAM has achieved a niche position of market leadership in multi-faceted business verticals.

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